Brunch Essentials

Chicken and waffle bar
French toast bar
Croissant station
Coconut curry ramen with chicken
Coconut curry ramen with shrimp
Shark tacos with mango chow and roasted coconut chutney

Must Haves

Corn Soup
Mini bake and shark
Spicy jalapeno crispy chicken donut sandwiches
Pasta station


Sandwich station
Blueberry scones
Mandarin lemon and white chocolate tarts
Mini spinach and cheese pie
Poached pears
Spicy pimento cheese puff
Banana bread with assorted toppings
Assorted Cookies


Quinoa bowls
Fruit salad station
Yogurt bar
Granola bar
Oat waffle bar
Bhagi and choka pizza

Asian Cuisine

Boneless crispy skin roast pork
Siu mai
Vegetable and chicken spring rolls

Beef and Lamb

Roasted leg of lamb
Rib eye roast
Top sirloin roast


Popsicles and Prosecco
Smoothie bar
Coffee station
Iced tea bar
Premium bar

Lunch Essentials

Marinara Beef Lasagna

Chicken wraps

Shrimp wraps

Herb crusted chicken, sweet potato mash, artisan greens

Rum sauce baby back ribs, garlic potatoes, artisan greens

Jasmine rice with chicken

Jasmine rice with shrimp

Jasmine rice with sweet and sour fish

Stir fry noodles with shrimp

Chinese chicken with stir fry noodles

Chicken tikka masala, biryani rice, fresh salad

Fish tikka masala, biryani rice, fresh salad

Rice, peas, baked chicken, macaroni pie

Rice, peas, stewed beef, macaroni pie

Rice, peas, lamb, macaroni pie

Wings and Fries

Mini bake and shark

Coconut jasmine rice, black beans, salsa, grilled chicken, plantain

Blue Cheese burgers


Veggie Wraps

Chickpea rice bowl





Ice cream