Spirit of Water


Designed by: Douglas John

Rising from the waves, the water nymph Naiad springs forth. A siren of the sea, Naiad commands attention in aquatic colors, adorned with iridescent wings, and oceanic shells and pearls. Surrender to the energetic currents pulling you closer and closer. Release your spirit and let go.

FRONTLINE ($6,395 TTD | $940 USD)

Bra: Wire bra | Cut padded bra or Full padded bra

Panty: Frontline bikini | High waist bikini | Whole piece

Includes: Crown, Frontline Necklace, Upper arm (pair), Wrist (pair), Upper thigh (pair), Lower Leg (pair)

MONOKINI ($5,995 TTD | $882 USD)

Includes: Tiara, Necklace, Shoulder sleeves, Upper thigh (pair)

CLASSIC ($5,695 TTD | $838 USD)

Bra: Cut padded bra or Full padded bra

Panty: Bikini | High waist bikini

Includes: Tiara, Necklace, Shoulder sleeves (pair), Upper thigh (pair)


Small backpack: $1,495 TT | $220 USD

Large backpack: $4,895 TTD | $720 USD

Lower tail: $4,500 TTD | $662 USD

MALE COSTUME ($5,395 TTD | $793 USD)

Short pants 

Includes: Head piece, Neck and chest piece, Waist belt, Upper arm (pair), Wristband (pair), Lower leg (pair)

SPIRIT MALE ($4,895 TTD | $720 USD)

Includes: Short pants, Spirit tank, Spirit hat

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