Rhion Romany

Known for bold, sophisticated, and risqué designs, Rhion Romany has established a reputation for pushing boundaries and redefining Caribbean style.

Through his eponymous brand, “Rhion Romany”, he has released chic resort wear collections, bespoke bridal gowns, and trendsetting Monday wear. He has also outsourced his talent to leading local, regional, and international carnival bands to produce some of the most coveted costumes on the road. Inspired by the contemporary Caribbean lifestyle, Rhion’s creations are an effortless blend of island vibes and metropolitan flair. His use of vibrant colours and sumptuous materials have caught the attention of celerities and masqueraders alike, with his looks gracing red carpets, stages, and parade routes worldwide. In fact, it’s safe to say his famous ЯR signature has developed a cult-like following with brand evangelists known as ЯRoyals anxiously awaiting the release of his latest line to add to their collection. 

Guided by his progressive spirit and commitment to craftsmanship, Rhion is intent on fulfilling his mission to deliver chic refinement in every area of design he touches. As a member of the Spirit design team he intends to share his unique perspectives on the art of costuming and collaborate closely with his colleagues to deliver show-stopping pieces that pay homage to, and reflect the splendour of Trinidad Carnival.